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Visual CADD™ SDK

Visual CADD™ provides Software Development Kits (SDKs) for C++, C#, Visual Basic .NET, Delphi, and legacy Visual Basic 6 and earlier and samples for VBScript, JScript, and AutoIt.  The SDKs and samples provide access to the Application Programming Interface (API) or ActiveX/COM which are flexible and powerful ways to customize and use the features of Visual CADD™.

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Software Development Kits (SDK)

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ActiveX/COM is very simple to use and gives instant access to customizing Visual CADD™ by using features included in the Windows operating system, such as VBScript, JScript, or the Windows Script Host.

ActiveX/COM can be used with C#, Visual Basic .NET, VBScript (VBS), JScript (JS), AutoIt (AU3), Visual Basic For Applications (VBA), or any other programming language supporting the Component Object Model (COM).  ActiveX/COM uses the vcadd32.tlb (type library) installed by the Visual CADD™ installer and does not need to be downloaded or installed separately. 

The above downloads of SDKs and samples for C#, Visual Basic .NET, VBScript, JScript, and AutoIt all use and illustrate Visual CADD™ ActiveX/COM.  The samples for VBScript and JScript can be run using built-in Windows support for these scripts.  The other samples are supported by freeware downloads.  Please refer to the API Help at the top of this page for additional information about the programming languages and freeware downloads.  It is recommended that you download and try any of them as an introduction to ActiveX/COM.

Please be aware that other languages, such as C++, can be used with ActiveX/COM.  However, when using these languages to build standard DLLs, it is usually easier to use the direct API.